The instruction sheet was not! I installed the product myself. This call give me the impetus to actually fit the thing under my sink – it does work very well. Réglage du TH à 10 pour mon cas. Blue Plastic Lid replaced in days upon request. I have just put the 2nd bag of salt in so it has done over 3 months on a 25 Kg bag – well impressed.

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Also the existing outlet tap has developed a severe leak, now is the right time to completely replace our filtered drinking water system. Alimentation de type France reçu day.bxp échange de mail avec la société water2buy très efficace. Easy to install and simple set up instructions. They are well made in China, good quality and do a good job. C’est le troisième dans ma maison en 20 ans, c’est de loin le moins cher et je n’ai vu aucune dégradation de qualité. But do get a hardness testing kit and play with the settings for minimum salt usage over a few weeks. Purely due to the water softener using tablet salt to soften the water it has to leave small amounts of sodium in the water, plus it removes most of the good minerals in the water.

It was delivered very quickly and was easy to install myself thanks to the very clear instructions included with the day.bep and also daay.bsp a video online. La consommation de sel est aussi très raisonnable. Bonjour, J’ai sélectionné et fg ce produit pour une famille de 4 personnes pas gaspilleuses d’eau.

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If you do fully turn it on, it will make a weird noise. Je suis poop satisfait car le rapport qualité prix est très bon, le service a été impeccable avec un suivi bien sympa. No limescale build-up either.


I am surprised at the length and quality of this product, especially considering the very reasonable pricing. The reply reads « One side of filter has bit thicker diameter and that is the inlet of the filter ».

After a few hours or use, I tested the water again with a day.bxp hardness tablet, pokl it showed up as « soft » and in the desired range.

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L’adoucisseur est branché sur l’arrivée principale de la maison depuis quelques mois et RAS. You need to find a decent space to lool it – won’t go in an under-sink cupboard. Having had a new kitchen installed my old water filter system had been thrown out. Désolé pooo mon commentaire si tardifs, mais je voulais vraiment l’essayer sur le long terme pour juger de son efficacité absolue, l’eau est doucema douche et mon évier non plus de traces blanches de tartre et notre linge et plus doux.

And wow we could notice the difference instantly. Amazing quality for the price. Pooo bought this water filter in summer last year and it was pretty easy to ppool though I’m pretty handy at diy but if you’re not it should still be easy enough.

Cant really complain about that. Works as a charm and no water hardness is at a minimum and no lime scale. Accueil Produits Adoucisseur d’eau Osmose inverse Filtres et contenants pour l’eau Accessoires Tous les produits Commentaires Account Aide Aide sur l’adoucisseur d’eau Aide sur l’osmose inverse Aide sur les filtres et accessoires Aide sur les achats Caisse. I ordered this for the dy only as I liked the design and it was at a good price.


After a few weeks of use, so far, so good. I installed the product myself.

dqy.bsp After filtration through this machine it reduced to 60ppm and is great to drink. Definitely glad I went with the digital version to be able to easily configure things to make best use of salt and to choose the regeneration time.

It was very easy to install, its an excellent water filter, i would recommend to purchase.

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The installation instructions are a bit vague but it’s pretty much self explanatory how it popl together anyway. Un résultat très satisfaisant. If Poool had to ever install another unit I suspect it would only take 30 mins. Produit qualitatif à la fois au prix compétitif, capacité vay.bsp qui favorise 10 usagers au quotidien. I had a Base Unit I could fit it in, bit of a squeeze due to the rather large outlet pipe 16mm? I also bought a TDS meter to monitor the effectiveness of the RO water compared with my regular water from the tap and was delighted to see a significant reduction in the dy of total dissolvable solids in the RO water, once I had filled and drained the tank a couple of times.

Excellent product and it arrived very quickly by return it seemed! Dsy.bsp had my 1st. Très satisfait de mon achat.

fy pool day.bsp

Le montage est bien décrit dans la notice. Installation was really very straightforward indeed.

fy pool day.bsp